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Creating Your App : The Process

Instead working aimlessly it’s better to create an internal process for your journey of app development. Here I’m not referring the standard methods of app creation, there are plenty of articles online covering those. I’m talking about your internal thought process of sorting the app features by priority and working your way through them. It’sContinue reading “Creating Your App : The Process”

Start With A Small Idea

I love the idea of the universal apps, you know the ones which everyone uses? Yes, like Twitter, like Instagram –the famous five. I had always wanted to created an app which everyone will use and everyone will love! If I could talk to my younger self, almost 3 years back, I would say this…Continue reading “Start With A Small Idea”

Android Learning Resources (That I’ve Found Useful!)

As a self-taught Android app developer, initially I found it really hard to find the right resources to learn android app development. As internet is filled with numerous tutorials, it’s hard to find right resources. To make things easy, I thought I’d share what I have found useful. So, here’s a list of free resourcesContinue reading “Android Learning Resources (That I’ve Found Useful!)”


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