How To Know If Your App Is Ready For Release?

This question bugged me a lot while I was developing my app. As someone who is really unsure of most of the things I do; this was probably one of the nagging questions that I had. 

Years later, I know that I don’t need to have a long list to check before releasing an app. 

It’s just these two questions…

Do the basics work?

This should be the first question. I talked about it here, that the basic feature and supporting features should be your top priority.

If those are done and you have tested it yourself –probably a few times; then you are good to go.

If you are thinking you need to add more features, just ask yourself : Are those features really important? Can your basic app work without them?

If yes, it is time…to look at the UI! 🙂

Is the design okay?

As a developer, it is hard to focus and see faults in our UI. It almost seems redundant to us. For all we care, all our apps could be black and white.

Unfortunately, our users don’t think so. Every user needs colors and visual cues to navigate through your app.

Now this doesn’t mean we need to create the best UI possible. But just basic color schemes will do. 

Take a look at your app : 

  • Is it black and white? (Unless your intention is to keep it black and white, in that case don’t see this question.)
  • Are the colors too bright and unattractive?
  • Can someone who doesn’t know your app inside out, that is someone other than you, navigate easily through the app?

If the first two are a no and the last answer is yes, you are good.

But if the answers are no, you have got to make some changes. Especially if someone who is your intended user isn’t able to use your app.

Unless you want initial bad reviews from a bunch of confused users; you need to fix it.

Just awaken your artistic side and google some basic color schemes.

Reduce the clutter in the app, but still keep it easy for the new users. 

Initially, I would suggest not to put too much time in designing your app’s UI unless your target users are people who care about design.

But do put a decent UI in place before releasing your app.

Notice that the question is : Is the design okay? Okay –not great.  Just keep it simple and functional.

You can tweak it later as per feedback. (You will have to!)

It Is Time…Or Is It?

There can be two or three more things you need to pay attention to before you release your app on the PlayStore. 

But, even if you ask just these questions and if you think that you are ready : Then it’s finally time to release the app in the store. 

Good luck! 🙂

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