Awake Now! : My New App & How It Is Helping People

I created Awake Now! to help me not miss important notifications. We all are bombarded with notifications these days. With so many notifications at once, it’s hard to keep checking your phone just to see if you got that important notification/message you have been waiting for. Instead of constantly checking your phone, what you canContinue reading “Awake Now! : My New App & How It Is Helping People”

What is Product Management? And Types Of Product Managers

As I was looking for definition of Product Manager I came across the above the diagram. The diagram led me to this article : The above article describes better what a Product Manager is and what they do. Firstly, you are not exactly a manager. You are not anyone’s boss. You are responsible forContinue reading “What is Product Management? And Types Of Product Managers”

Learning Product Management : Why I am learning it? And should you?

I started as an Android app developer. I enjoyed writing code and seeing the output on my phone, instantly. (Well, almost instantly, because the build time in Android Studio is insane sometimes.) While developing my own apps, I thought I would just put them on the PlayStore, add nice graphics and screenshots and it willContinue reading “Learning Product Management : Why I am learning it? And should you?”

Learn Kotlin #1 : Types, Operators, Arrays And Loops

Let’s start with some basic things about Kotlin. If you have programmed in any other language before, then this should be a good place to begin. Numbers In Kotlin, int is a primitive type. All numeric values have super type called Number. It is implicitly done so no need to do it. If you areContinue reading “Learn Kotlin #1 : Types, Operators, Arrays And Loops”

Listing Your App On PlayStore : How To Stand Out?

As an indie developer, with no money to advertise my app, it was hard to get my app more downloads. Apart from a few people that I know, no one else used my app. It didn’t get enough downloads. Most of the users , stumbled upon my app through PlayStore search. What should I doContinue reading “Listing Your App On PlayStore : How To Stand Out?”

How To Know If Your App Is Ready For Release?

This question bugged me a lot while I was developing my app. As someone who is really unsure of most of the things I do; this was probably one of the nagging questions that I had.  Years later, I know that I don’t need to have a long list to check before releasing an app. Continue reading “How To Know If Your App Is Ready For Release?”

Creating Your App : The Process

Instead working aimlessly it’s better to create an internal process for your journey of app development. Here I’m not referring the standard methods of app creation, there are plenty of articles online covering those. I’m talking about your internal thought process of sorting the app features by priority and working your way through them. It’sContinue reading “Creating Your App : The Process”

How To Stop Worrying And Start Creating Your App

It has happened. You have finally found your idea and you are ready to create an app for it. But you keep postponing it. What’s stopping you? There can be lots of reasons for you to worry and not start working on your app. So, if you have found the idea that you would likeContinue reading “How To Stop Worrying And Start Creating Your App”

The Perfect Idea And The Myth

It has become a solidified in our minds, thanks to popular stories and media; –that the idea for the perfect app, the perfect website will just strike you someday. The moment of Eureka! The moment of the apple falling from the tree. Most of us will never have such moments. It doesn’t work like that.Continue reading “The Perfect Idea And The Myth”