Learning Product Management : Why I am learning it? And should you?

I started as an Android app developer. I enjoyed writing code and seeing the output on my phone, instantly. (Well, almost instantly, because the build time in Android Studio is insane sometimes.)

While developing my own apps, I thought I would just put them on the PlayStore, add nice graphics and screenshots and it will be all good. People would use them.

We know that never happens. Just putting your apps out on the store doesn’t attract the users.

While building one of my initial apps, called Writing Prompts. I learned how to market my app with no money as I didn’t have any. I leveraged social media accounts and posted on Reddit, Quora and on Twitter about it.

I learned how and what features make the users stick. For ex, I learned about how a simple design change can increase the engagement.

Although, the app did not go viral and I didn’t build it into a better version of itself. But even in its current state and bringing it to this state; I did a lot of things outside of coding and I am still learning.

From ideation, to validation, to design, to building, to launching, to promoting, to getting user feedback, to replying to reviews, to adding features, to planning for future.

It was exhausting but it was fun!

Why I Am Learning Product Management?

I started this journey as a simple coder who liked to make Android Apps, but after going through this journey, I became more and more inclined towards other aspects of developing an app (Or as the official term is Product).

I searched what kind of work will fulfill all these aspects. Somehow, I figured out that Product Management is closest to what I needed to do.

From Where Am I Learning It?

So, I started learning it. Primarily, from this course on Udemy (Become a Product Manager | Learn the Skills & Get the Job). While also reading and watching other videos/blog about it.

I could not find any other proper structured blog about it; which is surprising. Because in app development, we can easily find code tutorials.

So, I am going to post my understanding, my notes about the same.

Hope this helps someone else too. 🙂

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