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Writing Prompts – An Online Community!

With amazing writing prompts by writers from all over the world. You can share your own writing and get feedback! Writing Prompts will help you bring out the best in your writing!

Writer’s Dictionary – Offline. Simple. Handy.

What are different kind of seasons? What are different kind of emotions called? Don’t think, we have already done it for you. Presenting : An Offline Dictionary For Writers!

Awake Now! – Never miss any important notifications! Ever!

Have you ever missed an important message from your friend or coworker? Because you didn’t hear the notification sound? Using Awake Now, set alarms for important apps, so you never miss any important notifications. Ever!

We share ideas!

Learning Product Management : Why I am learning it? And should you?

I started as an Android app developer. I enjoyed writing code and seeing the output on my phone, instantly. (Well, almost instantly, because the build time in Android Studio is insane sometimes.) While developing my own apps, I thought I would just put them on the PlayStore, add nice graphics and screenshots and it will…

Learn Kotlin #1 : Types, Operators, Arrays And Loops

Let’s start with some basic things about Kotlin. If you have programmed in any other language before, then this should be a good place to begin. Numbers In Kotlin, int is a primitive type. All numeric values have super type called Number. It is implicitly done so no need to do it. If you are…

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This course will teach you :

  1. How to come up with an idea for your own website/app.
  2. How to validate your idea.
  3. What to keep in mind while designing it.
  4. How to go about creating it.
  5. What things to keep in mind while building it.
  6. What are the essential features for every product.
  7. What to do before launching it.
  8. How to launch it properly.
  9. How to market it with zero budget.
  10. How to get feedback from users.
  11. How to iterate? What features to prioritize on.
  12. How to take the product ahead
  13. And much more with additional resources and tips and tricks to create and grow your own tech product. Do signup, for early access. See you there!