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Writing Prompts – An Online Community!

With amazing writing prompts by writers from all over the world. You can share your own writing and get feedback! Writing Prompts will help you bring out the best in your writing!

Writer’s Dictionary – Offline. Simple. Handy.

What are different kind of seasons? What are different kind of emotions called? Don’t think, we have already done it for you. Presenting : An Offline Dictionary For Writers!

Awake Now! – Never miss any important notifications! Ever!

Have you ever missed an important message from your friend or coworker? Because you didn’t hear the notification sound? Using Awake Now, set alarms for important apps, so you never miss any important notifications. Ever!

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Awake Now! : My New App & How It Is Helping People

I created Awake Now! to help me not miss important notifications. We all are bombarded with notifications these days. With so many notifications at once, it’s hard to keep checking your phone just to see if you got that important notification/message you have been waiting for. Instead of constantly checking your phone, what you can…

Learning Product Management : Why I am learning it? And should you?

I started as an Android app developer. I enjoyed writing code and seeing the output on my phone, instantly. (Well, almost instantly, because the build time in Android Studio is insane sometimes.) While developing my own apps, I thought I would just put them on the PlayStore, add nice graphics and screenshots and it will…

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