Awake Now! : My New App & How It Is Helping People

Awake Now! – Alarm For Apps

I created Awake Now! to help me not miss important notifications.

We all are bombarded with notifications these days. With so many notifications at once, it’s hard to keep checking your phone just to see if you got that important notification/message you have been waiting for.

Instead of constantly checking your phone, what you can do is install the Awake Now! app.

In the Awake Now! app, you select the app that you want to have an alarm for; you can set keywords so that you don’t get alarm for all notifications, but just for the notifications that have the important keywords.

For example : Say you are waiting for a message from your co-worker named Bob, on Slack, but you have to do some house work so you can’t keep checking your notifications every time there’s a notification from one app or another. You can just open Awake Now! app, select the application, in this case it’s Slack, then set keywords as “Bob” (your coworker’s name, duh!).

Now if Bob messages you will get an alarm instead of just a notification sound.

Here’s what people who have used the app are saying :

This 98 cent app just got me a nearly 200 dollar job. Well worth it.
Does what it says on tin! Working from home, it makes sure I don’t miss messages.

These reviews are not yet visible on Google Play Store as it requires certain number of reviews to be shown in the store.

But, trust me, these are true as I see this in my Google PlayStore account.

Try the Awake Now! app for yourself and never miss an important notification! 🙂

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