What is Product Management? And Types Of Product Managers

What, exactly, is a Product Manager?

As I was looking for definition of Product Manager I came across the above the diagram.

The diagram led me to this article : https://www.mindtheproduct.com/what-exactly-is-a-product-manager/

The above article describes better what a Product Manager is and what they do.

Firstly, you are not exactly a manager. You are not anyone’s boss.

You are responsible for working with various stakeholders* and for the success of the product.

In short, PMs are obsessed with product and all aspects of it. From tech, to design, to road-mapping, to customer/users’ experience and everything else related to the product.

The role and responsibility change across companies and industries.

Types Of Product Managers

As I continued on the course again, I found out that there are different types of PMs.

  • Internal PM : Usually work on tools used within a company. Less risk, good to start in.
  • Business to Business PM : Works on products for other companies. Ex: Oracle, Salesforce.
  • Business to Consumer PM : Works on products for users. Ex : Facebook, Instagram.

More types : https://medium.com/earnest-product-management/3-types-of-product-management-dec4b2d77271#.30v13mcel

Important Terms :

  1. Stakeholders : It’s the people for whom you are building the product for and who can provide input for building the product. Ex : Users of your product, executives, lawyers, marketing dept etc.

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