How To Stop Worrying And Start Creating Your App

You Go It! (Line drawing is the best I can do!)

It has happened. You have finally found your idea and you are ready to create an app for it. But you keep postponing it.

What’s stopping you? There can be lots of reasons for you to worry and not start working on your app.

So, if you have found the idea that you would like to work on and you still haven’t started working on it. And you are probably worried about some things. This is for you.

How Do I Do ____?

So many questions!

There is always that one thing that’s blocking you to start working. It could be as important as: maybe you don’t know how to create an app. Or you don’t know how to create a layout that you want.

Or it can be as unnecessary(at this stage) as how to create a logo.

It can be some other big or small thing that you are un-sure of doing.

Here’s what you should do : list out the things you need to know before you start working on your app. Sort them by priority….

And tear that list!

No. Not really! (I just wrote it to sound dramatic).

Keep it. It’s good that you know what you don’t know, but need to know.

Now look at that list again, do you really need to know so many things before getting started? If you are a developer you probably just need to know how to code.

Don’t worry about the layout, don’t worry about the fancy little animation, don’t worry about the font family.

Focus on the core feature. Can you make that? Good. You can get started now!

Which Technology Should I Use?

Doesn’t matter.

Well, before you coders get your pitchforks out.

I want to clarify that it doesn’t matter at this stage –when you are just starting out.

Worry about the complications later. Almost every platform, tech or medium has its cons.

The good thing is : You are not a big tech company. You are not creating a super app.

You are creating a simple app for now. And you are going to do it with what you know.

Can you create the basic app with whatever tech you know? Yes? You can get started now.

What If I Fail?

Yes, what if you fail? The whole world is counting on you to succeed. You hold the key to world’s future.

I’ll hold the sarcasm.

Seriously think about it. Do you really need to worry about failing now? You haven’t even started yet.

It’s like worrying about losing when you haven’t even started training for a race.

Don’t take this process of creating the app as an event. It’s a process.

This is your practice; this is you trying to create your own. No one; not even you, should expect yourself to know everything and do everything right.

But you would definitely fail, if you don’t start.

And even if you fail, so what?

You will always have by-products from this experience of creation.[1]

You will always have experience that you gained from creating your app. You might get another tangential idea based on the idea of your failed app.

Kevin Systrom came up with Burbn before he realized that people were more interested in sharing photos than check-ins and posting their plans. He removed other features from Burbn and turned it into : Instagram.[2]

Rivio created 51 games, before they created their super-successful game called “Angry Birds“.[3]

It doesn’t matter if you fail. If you think this is worth creating, go for it.

But what If…?

Whatever it is . Stop over thinking. This is just an app. A simple product.

There is no reason you shouldn’t do this.

If you don’t know something you will figure it out once you are there.

Remember, this is your journey. You will learn different things along the way.

If you keep worrying about the details you will never get started.

Start now, focus on the core feature.

Remember :

You can have a million reasons not to get started. You just need one to start!

Find your reason. Write it down on paper. Stick it in front of your desk. Look at it whenever self-doubt engulfs you.

You got this!

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