Start With A Small Idea

I love the idea of the universal apps, you know the ones which everyone uses? Yes, like Twitter, like Instagram –the famous five.

I had always wanted to created an app which everyone will use and everyone will love!

If I could talk to my younger self, almost 3 years back, I would say this…

See where you are. You are just starting up.

If you think about creating a universal app idea; an app that will be used by everyone on this planet, you will keep looking forever.

Because it rarely happens. You can’t just come up with a new shiny universal app idea.

You have to start with a small idea.

Start with a basic idea.

It can be as small as letting people update their status and notify the people they know.

Seems really small, right? But that’s how WhatsApp started!

One of the advantages of digital products is that we can change them. We can add stuff and remove them, as required.

Use this advantage.

Start with (very) small and basic idea for your product.

And you just might end up with a universal app!

Keep creating! 🙂

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